11. Adele Coriati

The Impact of the High Emergency Lung Transplantation program in Cystic Fibrosis in France: insight from a comparison with Canada.


  • Kenneth Wu says:

    Great work, Adele. What does the HELT involve? Are the organ donation systems the same/quite similar in France and in Canada?

    • Adele Coriati says:

      Hi Kenneth, thank you for this important question. For people with CF, those requiring invasive ventilation, and/or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, or patients at high risk for intubation (i.e. on non-invasive ventilation >18h per day for at least 3 days with arterial PaCO2 >80 mmHg) are potential candidates for the HELT program. Patients on the HELT program are priority for the organ allocation, versus those on the regular wait list for a lung transplant. In Canada, its a different story. Canada prioritizes the sickest patients, there is no universal and systematic program and regional variation exists. It is up to the medical team to prioritize patients who receive a lung transplant.

  • Matthew Binnie says:

    Very interesting work. What is the median waiting time for patients on the High Emergency list?
    Which CF patients are being included in the analysis?

    • Adele Coriati says:

      Thank you Dr Binnie for this important question. Actually, the median wait time on the HELT program is 4 days (range 1-26). All CF patients who received a lung transplant, regardless if they were on the HELT program or not, during the pre- or post-HELT periods were included in the analysis. It was actually one of the limitations of our study, we did have the data on which patients were specifically in the HELT program, we included all lung transplant patients. It will certainly be in future studies.

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