14. Brett Edwards

Time to positive culture detection as a predictor of Mycobacterium avium pulmonary disease severity.


  • Adele Coriati says:

    Interesting work Brett! A treshold of 10 days was identified, what analysis was done to establish it?

  • Brett Edwards says:

    Thanks Adele! When we partitioned the cohort by various thresholds (≤8 days, ≤9 days, ≤10 days, ≤11 days, ≤12 days), ≤10 days seemed to represent the most favourable proportion of the cohort (>80% had NTM disease and AFB smear positive; and ~40-45% that required treatment by 3 and 6 months) along with the presence of all those ‘markers of severity’ showing significant correlation by Fisher’s Exact test.

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