15. Juan Fernandez

Association between Esophageal Dysmotility and Long-term Outcomes in Lung Transplant Recipients.


  • Adele Coriati says:

    This is great work Juan! Was there a difference in 1-, 3-, or 5-years post tranpslant survival probability between the 3 groups (normal, hyper and hypo motility)?

    • Juan Fernandez says:

      Hello Adele, we did not find a difference in post-transplant survival between the 3 groups. Even in patients with severe hypomotility ( complete aperistalsis) there was no signal for worse outcomes.

  • Richard Leung says:

    This seems somewhat counterintuitive. Do you think there is some methodological weakness that is failing to detect an association or do you think that dysmotility really does not affect outcome? If the latter, should lung transplant recipients no longer be evaluated for dysmotility, since it make no difference?

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