20. Abarnaa Illango

Fatherhood in men with cystic fibrosis: a survey of the knowledge, opinions, and experiences regarding family planning.


  • gaspard says:

    Great poster Abarnaa. I am wondering about why the concern of how CF is affecting parenting is not present in parents who have children? Is it because parents realized it is not an issue, whereas men without children don’t know it? Can something be done to inform CF men without children?

  • Richard Leung says:

    I don’t understand the effect of the cost of fertility treatment. I would think that this would be a barrier, at least to some. But cost seems to be a factor for those that want children, whereas it is not a factor for those that don’t want children. Can you explain?

    • Abarnaa Illango says:

      Hi Dr. Leung, Thank you for your question. To clarify, participants were asked what factors, both positive and negative, were involved in their decision to have children. Although 62% of fathers were concerned about the cost of fertility treatment, their desire to have children outweighed this barrier. In comparison, this factor was only present in 27% of men without children. So it seems as though other factors such as “lack of interest” and “concern of how CF will impact parenting” are more common barriers.

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