21. Annie Jiang

Lung Function in COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Survivors Assessed with Respiratory Oscillometry (Osc) and Conventional Pulmonary Function Tests (cPFT).


  • Andrea Gershon says:

    Interesting work!

  • Stacey Butler says:

    Great work Annie! Is this study still ongoing? It would be interesting to see whether the patients reporting dyspnea and fatigue differed than those who did not have dyspnea or fatigue, in terms of comorbidities or demographic factors. But it would be difficult to look at this with a small sample size.

    • Annie Jiang says:

      Thanks so much, Dr. Butler! Yes, this is an ongoing study, so I will hopefully have a sample size that lends itself better to such analyses later this year. In addition to demographic factors and comorbidities, we are tabulating length of hospital stay as well as type and duration of life support (i.e. HFO vs MV vs ECLS) as applicable. In addition to the comparison you suggested, I think it will be interesting to see whether patients with and without persistent respiratory symptoms differ with respect to these parameters too!

  • Richard Leung says:

    Are these long oscillometry measurments different in COVID compared to other pneumonias/ARDS with similar clinical and radiographic presentation?

    • Annie Jiang says:

      Hello Dr. Leung, thanks for your question! To my knowledge, the long-term progression of oscillometry measurements following other pneumonias/ARDS have not been studied. While oscillometry was invented by Dubois and his colleagues in 1956, commercial devices have only become available over the past couple of decades and use of the technique in research has become increasingly popular in recent years. As a result, while there is substantial evidence supporting oscillometry’s utility in monitoring patients with asthma, COPD, acute rejection after lung transplant, and interstitial lung disease following environmental exposures, the oscillometry characteristics of other lung diseases have yet to be well-characterized…

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