28. Raina Ladha

Pre-Motor Cholinergic Circuitry Controlling the Upper Airway Musculature In-Vivo.


  • Carolina says:

    Hi Raina, very interesting poster.
    as far as I understood you have a microdial. probe at the end of your optical fiber…is that right? Could you clarify? I’ve never seen one, I am just curious.

    • Raina Ladha says:

      Hi Carolina! Thank you for your question.

      The microdialysis probe is separate from the optical fibre and they have been glued against one another with the tip of the microdialysis probe positioned 0.5mm below that of the optical fibre. So in the figure, the microdialysis probe looks like it is extending out of the optical fibre only because both are vertically aligned and this is showing a side view. This is done so that we can use microperfusion of the potassium permanganate to histologically confirm where optical stimulation occurred during the experiment (0.5mm above the site marked by potassium permanganate micro perfusion).

  • Carolina says:

    That is very interesting, Raina.
    Thank you for your reply! 🙂

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