29. Jeffrey Lam Shin

Barriers and Enablers to Objective Testing for Asthma and COPD in Primary Care: A Systematic Review Using the Theoretical Domains Framework.


  • Tereza Martinu says:

    Very nice, Jeffrey. Can you describe the intervention that you’re planning to address gaps in objective testing of COPD and asthma patients? How specifically do you plan to do this?

  • Jeffrey says:

    Great question. We’ve linked the TDF domains to behaviour change techniques using the COM-B system. By doing so, we could then easily link the TDF domains to nine intervention functions including: Education, Persuasion, Incentivisation, Coercion, Training, Restriction, Environmental restructuring, Modelling, Enablement.

    For example, some barriers we identified fell under the “Skills” TDF domain. This Domain can be linked to the “Physical Capability” COM-B component, and this can be addressed through the “Training” intervention function. Here, we would specifically recommend spirometry performance courses, spirometry interpretation training, and automated spirometry interpretation algorithms.

  • Matthew Binnie says:

    Hi Jeffrey. Very mice work. I am wondering about the inclusion criteria. Did the barriers and enablers you identify come up repeatedly? Did some studies seem more relevant to Canada?

  • Richard Leung says:

    The relative weight of these barriers wasn’t clear to me. Where is the greatest “bang for the buck” in terms of changing behaviours to get more testing?

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