30. Jeffrey Lam Shin

Developing a Decision Aid for a New Asthma Treatment Paradigm: Results from a Rapid-Cycle Design Study.


  • Tereza Martinu says:

    Good job, Jeffrey. Do you think there would be a way to see whether your DA tool will have effects on medication uptake or compliance in patients? Are you planning to test that?

    • Jeffrey says:

      That would be our next step to determine the clinical impact of the DA tool. Although our software does not currently measure medication adherence, we would expect there to be higher uptake/compliance in patients who actively use the DA and have discussed their results with their provider. This is something that we have considered investigating further.

  • Matthew Binnie says:

    Very nice work and a good complement to the eAMs.
    I am curious why it took 5 focus groups to come to these conclusions about content. i.e. what new issues were arising at 3 and 4?
    Was a pilot version of the electronic decision aid available to the focus groups or what role did the app play in the actual focus groups? I am wondering if the groups reacted to information differently on paper Vs in an app?

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