34. Jason McConnery

Pediatric acuate asthma burden was reduced during the COVID-10 pandemic lockdown: a single site experience.


  • Dmitry Rozenberg says:

    Hi Jason,
    Interesting study and nice to see a similar trend in the pediatric population to that of adults with respect to decline in acute exacerbation admissions.
    I was wondering if there were any differences in comorbidities or any other asthma related factors (asthma severity, medications utilized) if you explored this between your groups.

    • Jason McConnery says:

      Hi Dmitry,

      Thanks for the question. It was a surprising silver lining in our population, for sure. We did not analyze individual factors beyond their CTAS score severity as we did not have REB approval for individual chart review. It would certainly have been interesting to look at what sort of acute management was undertaken (e.g. if more patients going to the ward received Magnesium Sulfate, for example), but we elected to keep it simple and stratify severity based on initial presentation severity (CTAS), ultimate disposition (home vs. admit ward vs. PICU admit), and length of stay.

      This study was a snap shot, and hypothesis generator, but did not delve deeply into the details to investigate the possible causes of the improvement. Our hypothesis is that the reduction was driven largely by a reduction in viral transmission (both COVID-19 and others), raising the question of whether anti-viral strategies may play an even more important role in asthma management than our usual maintenance approaches.

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