53. Gabriella Scott

Assessing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in HHT Research.


  • Dmitry Rozenberg says:

    Hi Gabriella,
    This is insightful and congratulations on starting to explore this question. Wondering if an anonymous survey of the HHT registry may be able to provide some insight into race in the HHT population.

    • Gabriella Scott says:

      Hello Dmitry,
      Thank you for your comment! One of our limitations is not having the HHT Centre race data, so we have been looking for ways to supplement this. An anonymous survey is a great idea! Finding ways to supplement this data will help us to compare between the BVMC Recruits and the HHT Centre demographics, which might be able to provide insight into where the disparity is originating.

  • Yara Zayed says:

    Great work Gabriella! Have you considered doing your research on a national level? Why did you choose the University of California? Why examine HHT disease particularly?

    • Gabriella Scott says:

      Hello Yara,
      Great questions! What we have done so far is all very preliminary work. We suspected that there might be a disparity in our HHT Centre research population, and we wanted to determine if this was the case. We are very interested in expanding the range of this research, and exploring whether similar disparities exist within other rare diseases.
      We are hoping to coordinate with the University of California – San Francisco because it is the site from which the Brain Vascular Malformation Consortium is directed. Therefore, it might provide insight into whether this disparity is occurring at BVMC recruitment sites other than our own.
      Thanks for your questions!

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